Monday, May 16, 2016

Driver's Education

Today my Transition Year class, Shelton did a driver’s education course. We split into two groups and our group learnt how to drive first.  The driving instructor was called Ann. Michelle, Evan and I went into the car together she first taught us what the different pedals were the A, B, C’s accelerator, brake and clutch. We learnt how to drive the car and we each got a turn driving in the car around the basketball court and practising how to reverse. This was scary at first but was fun.
We then went onto the mechanical part of driving. We learnt how to change a tyre when your tyre is flat.
·        Pull in on the hard shoulder straight away or in a safe place.
·        Check 5 things before you leave the car
·        Car in first gear.
·        Hand break on.
·        Engine off.
·        Hazard Lights.
·        Jacket.
Then through the tyre changing procedure;
·        Put the reflective triangle up 60m away.
·        Loosen the nuts on the tyres.
·        Put the car jack in, lift the car about 1 inch.
·        Put the safety stand and the spare tyre under the car.
·        Loosen all the bolts.
·        Place the spare tyre on.
·        Tighten the bolts.
·        Place all equipment back into the car.
·        Retighten nuts.
We then learnt where the brake fluid and water went into the engine and how to check the oil.
After that we went out onto the grass and put on beer googles, these blur you vision and we played a game of soccer. This was really funny and enjoyable.
After lunch we went to the computer room. We each took a theory test I got 30/40. We then tried to find a car on done deal and got quotes from The budget was €6,500 and we quickly learnt that being a young driver insurance companies don’t give cheap quotes.


Date: 28th and 29th of April

On Wednesday morning all of the Transition Years meet up at the school at 7:50am. 
We started off with a group game that we had to be in pairs for, numbers from 1 to 5 each represented an action and the pair to do the action last were eliminated. This game went on for a long time but sadly we didn't win. We were then split into five groups of twelve to do separate activities.
Our group did the rope game first. We all had to stand in a circle and hold the rope tight while one person got up on it and walked around it. We also did a game where we had to get twelve people through a tube of a tyre in the fastest time. We done this in 1.4 seconds. The last game we played at this activity was rubbish ball. We had to keep up the ball for as long as possible without it touching the ground.

Next activity we did was paint balling, we weren't shooting each other just targets. We had five practice shots then we split into two teams and had a competition. We had a few rounds before doing a individual competition. I liked the paint balling because it was something that I had never done before.

Archery was next, our group each had to take three shoots while the people there counted our score because we were up against the other groups. I liked this but I have done archery many times before so it wasn't anything new.

After lunch our group went to do the obstacle course. We had to climb walls, jump through tyres, climb the through tunnels, swing on ropes and climb up and over obstacles. We raced against each other in twos and it was very tiring. We then did a team challenge where we all had to make it through the course faster than the other groups.

Grass sledging was next. I had never done this before and I was excited to try it out. One person sat in the sledge and their partner pushed them down the hill. Although the hill wasn't too steep it was still fun. After a few practice goes we then raced each other. There was a couple of collision and people falling of the sledges but we all survived it in the end. The only bad part was having to carry the sledges back up the hill.

 Our last activity was a whole year activity. We lined up in out groups and the first person had to run out and touch the pole that was about 15 Metres away. They then had to run backwards back and collect another member of their group, they done this by putting their left hand between their own legs and the person behind had to bend down and grab it. They had to then run to the pole together. This was hard work but was funny to watch everyone doing it.

 On the walk we saw NewGrange from a distance and we also so a 9 million Euro manor. The walk was about 2 and a half house long but wasn't hard at all. It was nice to just walk and chat the whole way. I was glad the weather was good and it didn't rain. We arrived back at the lodge around 9 and went for showers. 

It was lashing rain outside for the activities we were doing rock climbing first. The wall was really easy so we were doing competitions to help make it interesting.
The next activity we did was my favourite activity of the two days, Archery Tag. We had masks, bows and arrows with sponge ends. They had blow up bases and we played capture the flag. This game was really fun but it was still raining and my feet were frozen.

We went into a shelter to let the heavy rain pass before building a shelter as our next activity.
Our final activity of the trip was ropes. He tied us all on the one rope around  a pole and we had to undo ourselves. We also played a game where there was a bucket in the middle of the circle and we had to get the bucket without touching the ground. We had to use ropes and cycling tubes to lower the person down while they grabbed the bucket.

FOTA Wildlife

On the 12th of April the whole Transition Year travelled to FOTA Wildlife Park on a science trip. WMy group went inside to play games first. The first game we played was called Shepherd and Sheep. The sheep’s were blindfolded and the shepherd had to lead them into the pen without talking by just using a whistle.

 The next game we played was building an animal. One person had a quick glance at the animal and then they had to pass on what they saw like a Chinese whisper through people and finally the builder had to build with Lego what they thought the animal looked like.

We then swapped with the other group and walked down to the giraffe enclosure. The lady showed us the kitchen where all the food is prepared and how they take enrichment very seriously at FOTA. 
We then went on a fully guided tour of FOTA where we saw loads of different types of animals such as gibbons, giraffes, lizards, fish, cheetahs, wallaby’s, lemur’s, peacocks and many more.

We had to rush back to see the cheetah run which was a type of enrichment that they do in FOTA. They had a zip wire and they tied a piece of meat on it, the swung it up and down the zip line so the cheetahs had to chase after the meat.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Your Europe, Your Say"

From March 17th – 19th, Niamh O'Brien, Michelle Murphy and Craig Smith, accompanied by European Studies teacher, Mrs. Donegan, attended a discussion group called ‘Your Europe Your Say’ in the European Economic and Social Committee, in Brussels. The discussion was on the topic of migration in Europe. The EESC were eager to ensure that the ideas and views of Europe’s younger generation on the topic of refugees entering Europe were heard. Three students from each country in Europe, as well as students from each of the five candidate countries, attended the programme. Our school, Abbey Community College, was selected to represent Ireland. After listening to the stories of two men who were refugees when young, the youth delegates from the different countries put forward various proposals on how best to deal with the migration issue. A robust debate on the merits of each proposal took place and was then voted upon. The trip was a wonderfully educational and worthwhile experience for the three students from the Abbey.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

First Aid Course

This week we did a two day first aid course with a man from Kilkenny called Micheal. He showed us how to put someone in the recovery position,we all had a go on each other. The recovery position makes sure that the victim’s airways are clear and they won't choke on the tongue.
The next skill that we learnt about was CPR, as we know this is very important if someone collapses and isn't breathing and the ambulance can't come straight away. We practiced adult CPR first by interlocking our hands and compressing the middle of the chest. We did this 30 times and then gave two rescue breaths. Rescue breaths are given by pinching the nose and breathing into the victim twice. Altogether we did eight minutes of CPR before moving onto child CPR. 

We then learnt how to deal with stroke victims using the F.A.S.T method.

On Thursday afternoon we had a small written test and we also were each giving a situation that we had to deal with in the moment. Throughout this course I learnt a lot and I thought it was very beneficial. I really enjoyed this course and I gained a lot of knowledge from it.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Personal Safety Ireland by Katie Murphy

Recently, two instructors from Personal Safety Ireland visited our Transition Years. They ran a one-day workshop which enabled the students to become more aware of their surroundings and learn to protect themselves in all sorts of environments. This workshop succeeded in teaching the Transition Years the tools and skills required to be confident, gain a sense of control and feel reassured and empowered.
The instructors spoke to the students about dangerous situations that they may find themselves in and how to deal with these situations. With the crime rate increasing, it's important to know how to defend yourself. They were given tips on how to avoid these situations and also, how to act and react. The students learned a wide range of self-defence moves in the workshop. Everyone really enjoyed practising the moves on each other. Now, if the need arises, all the students that attended the workshop would have the skills to defend themselves from an attacker.

This Personal Safety workshop gave the students an insight to how common crime is. Everyone realised how important it is to feel safe and to know how to defend yourself in case of an attack.

Healthy Living Talk

Recently, local international athlete Niall Tuohy visited our Transition Years. Niall is a Chia Bia ambassador. He gave health and lifestyle tips to the students on how to be the best that they can be in the classroom, on the sports field and elsewhere.
Niall, a Medical student, told the students about his journey and how he came to be the athlete he is today. He taught that the key to performing in athletics, as well as in the classroom, is the combination of healthy eating and exercise. With obesity becoming more and more common amongst young people, it was important for the students to learn about what foods are good and what foods are bad, as well as learning about how much exercise they should be doing. When healthy eating and exercise are combined they help towards a healthy mind. Everyone learned a lot from Niall and really enjoyed the talk. All the students came from the talk motivated to try and live a healthier and happier life, mindful of their diet and exercise.